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6 Reasons to Try Digital Planning

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Digital planners are becoming very popular nowadays. And that is not without reason. There a lot of benefits of planning your life on a digital device. So if you’re not sure if this is something for you, these reasons might convince you to give it a try. 

#1: It’s always with you

Since you can access your planner through apps such as GoodNotes or Notability, you are always able to view your planner on your phone or iPad. Besides that, you don’t have to carry a bulky paper planner with you everywhere you go. And because it’s with you all the time, you can directly look at all of your appointments and events.

#2: Erase your mistakes

Made a mistake? Or have your plans changed? Well, don’t worry. Whenever you make a mistake in your digital planner, you can erase it easily or move things around to another day. And if you are a perfectionist like me, then this is ideal, because this makes it super simple to keep your planner looking neat and organized. With paper planners, however, trying to erase your mistake will make it look even more messy.  

#3: Customize all you want

Another advantage of digital planners is that you can add and remove pages as much as you want. You can decorate it with digital stickers that you only have to buy once and can then re-use whenever you want. These can be purchased on Creative Market. And you can place pictures in your digital planner to give it an even more personal touch. On Etsy there are also a lot of separate digital planner inserts that you can purchase, so you can mix and match different inserts and really customize your planner to meet your needs. 

#4: Save money

Digital planners are really affordable. The cost of most digital planners ranges between 10$ and 30$. Popular paper planners often cost more than that, and you have to buy a new one every year.But you can use undated digital planners year after year, which can save you a lot of money in the end.

#5: Better for the environment

Due to the digital nature of the planner, you don’t have to worry about the trees that were cut down to make your planner. It’s also better for the planet, because you don’t throw it away, which means there is less waste.  

#6: Hyperlinked tabs

Go from one month to another, or from the planner section to your notes and more by clicking on the tabs on the sides of the digital planner. You don’t have to flip endlessly through the planner to find the page you need. The hyperlinked tabs make it effortless to navigate from one page to another. 

Sooo…have these reasons convinced you? Let me know in the comment section if you’re going to try out digital planning!

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